Flexible Inservice Training (FIT) New Employee Orientation Training for Child Care Professionals in North Carolina

By Leigh Zaleon

Approved by the NC Division for Child Development

Developed in collaboration with the
Chapel Hill Training-Outreach Project and the Kaplan Company

The NC Division for Child Development wants you to know:

This inservice training is approved for orientation or 5 hours of in-service credit.
The areas covered are:
  • Role of state and local government agencies
  • Overview of NC Child Care Licensing Laws,
  • Regulations and the Child care Handbook Maintaining a Safe and Healthy Environment
  • Child Abuse and Neglect and Reporting Procedures
  • Enhanced License Star Rating System Requirements
  • North Carolina Fire Safety (required by fire inspectors) Supervision
According to NC child care rule .0707, all new employees must receive a minimum of 16 clock hours of on-site training and orientation within the first six weeks of employment. Six of those clock hours must be completed within the first two weeks of employment in the areas of recognition of the signs and symptoms of child abuse or neglect (Module IV-35 minutes), adequate supervision of children (Module VII - 35 minutes), and review of the center's operational policies (not on this CD).
The FIT North Carolina New Employee Orientation Training for Child Care Professionals includes six of the 11 areas of training that are required, in addition to the North Carolina Fire Safety Training (about 5 hours of training).

  • Review of the center's operational policies, including the center's
  • Safe sleep policy for infants (within the first two weeks);
  • First-hand observation of the center's daily operations;
  • Instruction in the employee's assigned duties;
  • Review of the center's purposes and goals;
  • Review of the center's personnel policies;
  • An explanation of the employee's obligation to cooperate with representatives of State and local government agencies during visits and investigations;
  • Any additional information about recognizing the signs and symptoms
of abuse or neglect or any additional information about adequate supervision of children.

This inservice training may be used for orientation or in-service credit, but may only be counted once for each employee at the same center.

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The FIT training package is also available from Kaplan Co.

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